Blade Limited was established by Phil Head in 2005. Now, Blade Squash professional products will be available in the UK.
"As a professional coach and player for many years, I am confident that my products are of the highest standard and will meet my clients expectations every time. Manufactured in the same factory as other top brands and specifically engineered to meet both the needs of amateur enthusiasts and professionals alike… you will find a racket to suit your style."


We have branched off a company that started as SCPS almost 30 years ago but nowadays is mostly known as TonySquash. The company owner, Tony Gay has been renovating squash courts all around the UK for the past three decades and as such, can be called one of the finest experts of the field. Tony doesn't only maintain the courts however, he also plays on them to a high standard. Starting squash a bit later in life he's now competing in the masters category and is currently ranked within the top 25 in Europe. You can usually meet Tony at European Masters events and at the World Masters. 

Tony was later joined by Reka Burmeister, bringing some technical expertise into the business and a drive to always go the extra mile. Reka, with a software engineering background and years of experience in QA brought a new angle and a critical eye for quality into the company. She's just entered PSA more for the experience than with high hopes.

The duo was later joined by Hungarian pros, Balazs Biro and Roland Makra, representing and distributing the brand in Hungary where they are full time coaches, running Sport Elit and compete on the professional circuit.


As you can see we're all quite keen for squash, it is a huge part of our lives. We believe it is one of the best sports you can be involved in. We also believe it's not just for youngsters, it's for all ages and genders! All around the world you can find people around your standard to play, it's never too late to start. It's not just about the world class pros who we all love, but about the thousands of other competitive and social players who might not be able to enter the Pro circuit but are squash players nonetheless. We are all about You!